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Dr. Petroff is one of my favorite people. I love seeing her because she is so loving and nurturing. I know she always has my best interest in mind.

Jill K

Love her! Very informed and very polite. I felt comfortable talking to her about my concerns and she LISTENED.

Ebony S

As usual, great, very professional and very caring.

Richard H

My husband’s arms and hands had so many bruises, they were purple. We didn’t know what was wrong. She worked on him until his arms and hands were back to normal. She was patient and listened to him and all our concerns. Answered all our questions and her advice on how to take care of his skin has been nothing shorter than a miracle. We are so grateful to have found such a great doctor.

Jenny P

I am so blessed to have found Nina Petroff. She has always treated me with the most respect. She is kind to all her patients and is a very good doctor. I have recommended her to my friends and family, that is how much faith I have in her. Her staff is nice and helpful.

Gwen S

Dr. Petroff has that rare combination which makes her a superb “off the charts” doctor. Not only is she extraordinarily skilled at what she does (I am amazed at her wealth of information); her bedside manner is better than any doctor I know. She is so good at explaining what I have and how to treat it. She is so patient with all my questions and she is so accessible! She should teach a course on how to treat patients. I simply cannot rave about her enough!

James M

I have seen her for years and she is smart, caring, professional and a great dermatologist. She discovered a melanoma before it became invasive and is readily available for all my skincare needs. Highly recommend her!!

Barbara G

I have been going to see Dr. Petroff for over 15 years. She is one of the kindest, nicest, generous doctors I have ever met. She always spends plenty of time with me and addresses all of my concerns. I would highly recommend her to be your dermatologist.

Rebecca H

The entire office staff is professional, friendly and competent. Dr. Petroff has been treating me for 10 years. She has patience to explain why she does a certain procedure, expertise to diagnosis my skin problems and makes me feel like a friend more than a patient. She had the good judgment to biopsy a growth she thought was a freckle which turned out to be a melanoma. You can tell she and her staff really care about you. I highly recommend her.

Barbara R

Dr. Petroff was and is always friendly and professional and takes the time to insure I understand all the information she gives me.

Claude L

Dr. Petroff is an amazing person! She genuinely cares about her patients. She wants to know you personally, build a relationship and understand what’s important to you. This will help her know important information to aid in diagnosing one’s situation.

Mark K

She’s amazing. Helped my skin so much!

Andre B

We always have good visits, feel comfortable and know that we are taken good care of. Thank you!

Beverly L

Professional, treated with respect, great care!


Dr. Petroff has great bedside manner, is personable and really explains what is going on!

Franklin R

Dear Dr. Petroff, you are an extraordinary woman and doctor! Whenever I’ve visited you, I feel 10 feet taller and a million times prettier! You have a very special touch and skill beyond just “doctoring”!


Very helpful, caring and educational…overall fantastic! Dr. Petroff went above and beyond my overall expectations, especially when it came to the skincare for my face.

Kris M

Excellent doctor. Family and I have had many appointments with Dr. Petroff. Dr. Petroff is very professional and a very respected doctor in a community filled with the best doctors in the world. We are privileged to have such a gifted and over qualified physician in our area.

Julianne G

Dr. Petroff is prompt, detailed and just so nice! She explains procedures and tests in detail. She saved my life and discovered two melanomas on my legs. I highly recommend her both for medical and cosmetic procedures. Excellent *****

Beth L

Dr. Petroff is a professional who is results-oriented without being aggressive. She seems to pride herself on her relationships with her patients and truly wants everyone to look and feel their best.

Jonathon S

I had not been to a dermatologist since high school. I selected Dr. Petroff because many people I know have really enjoyed being treated by her. She recommended I change my face cream and what an amazing difference it has made for my skin. I have been to see her 3 times and will continue to go until she tells me I do not need to see her anymore.

Jill J

Dr. Petroff has treated me with competence, and far more. She has excellent personal presence and listens with care. My presenting problem was handled expertly, and I left feeling well treated and appreciated. Perfect dermatologist? I think so.

Warren G

Dr. Petroff always makes me feel comfortable and explains everything that is involved in the exam. She’s great!

Stephen H

Dr. Petroff is one of my most favorite doctors. She takes time with all her patients, seeks to understand their issues and puts you on a course of action. She works with you on what is most important. I had seen her many years ago, then my insurance did not accept her practice. Over the years, I had not found anyone that I liked as much as Dr. Petroff and called again to see if insurance coverage had changed. So happy it did. She is amazing and I would recommend her to all of my friends.

Michelle T

Dr. Petroff took care of everything I needed taken care of very professionally.

Robin Z